Led Zeppelin History – July 21

This is sorta Led Zeppelin history…

Today in 2007 rapper Sean ‘P-Diddy’ Combs’ single “Come With Me” was named as one of the worst covers of all time on pop culture website Retrocrush. The tune and video, recorded for the 1998 remake of the movie Godzilla (another poor cover), heavily sampled Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” and featured footage of Jimmy Page playing guitar. Apparently Page and Combs (“Puff Daddy”, as he was known back then) also performed the song on Saturday Night Live on May 9 of that year.

One of my blog followers, music producer Fred Maher, was the drummer for Scritti Politti and Lou Reed in his younger days. During those days Fred met legendary recording engineer and producer Glyn Johns, who worked with Led Zeppelin (among many others). Fred has told me that Glyn Johns apparently freaked out and called Jimmy Page to rip him a new one after this single came out. If you’ve heard the track I doubt you’d blame him…

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