Led Zeppelin History – Oct 1

Today in 1977 Jimmy Page held a press conference at the Swan Song Records offices in London to dispel rumors, started after the curtailed 1977 U.S. Tour, that the band was splitting up. That tour, originally scheduled to run through August of that year, was cut short in July when Robert Plant’s 5-yr-old son died. Among the rumors reported in the press were that Jimmy Page had offered his services to the Rolling Stones, should Keith Richards be unable to perform with the band due to his being charged for drugs in Canada.

Page stated: “So much rubbish has been written about us recently. There was one thing about me joining the Stones, and it even got to the point of them asking Mick Jagger if Robert was joining. I think this is getting silly. There were rumors that the group was breaking up, and all this sort of crap, and for some reason I don’t understand, it just keeps going on.”

“All that was really tasteless. I think it was in bad taste because obviously after the tragedy Robert experienced he needs time alone with his family, and Zeppelin’s so close that no one in the band would think twice about that situation…”



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