Led Zeppelin History – Nov 7

Today in 1969 the U.S. branch of Atlantic Records released the Led Zeppelin single “Whole Lotta Love” / “Living Loving Maid” from their Led Zeppelin II album.

Whole Lotta Love – One of Zeppelin’s most famous anthems, this is five minutes and 33 seconds of pure mastery. Plant borrows lines from Willie Dixon’s “You Need Love”, resulting in a 1985 lawsuit that was settled out of court. Plant has said “Page’s riff was Page’s riff. I just thought, ‘Well, what am I going to sing?’ That was it, a nick. Now happily paid for.” The most impressive part of the song is the middle section (edited out for the single release), where Page uses all sorts of crazy sound effects that careen wildly from speaker to speaker. As session engineer Eddie Kramer explained it: “It was a combination of Page and myself twiddling every knob on the console”. The song became an integral part of Zeppelin’s live set, debuting in April 1969 and being played at almost every concert thereafter, including Live Aid (1985) and Atlantic Records’ 40th birthday concert (1988).

Living Loving Maid (She’s Just A Woman) – Interestingly, Page once said this was his least favorite Zeppelin song; he considered it a production line filler. Rumored to be about one of the band’s West Coast groupies, the song became a radio favorite. However, this was the only track from the album that Zeppelin never performed live. The original UK vinyl version of the album has this song listed as “Livin’ Lovin’ Wreck (She’s A Woman)”, later re-titled. The original is a highly sought-after collectable today…


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