Led Zeppelin History – Nov 14

Today in 2006 Led Zeppelin were inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame, by Roger Taylor (of Queen, not Duran Duran). The Hall was created in 2004 for groups and singers who are considered to be integral parts of “UK music culture”. Jimmy Page personally accepted the award in front of a 3,000+ audience at the 3rd annual induction ceremony, held at the Alexandra Palace in London. Aussie rockers Wolfmother performed “Communication Breakdown” as a tribute right before Page accepted the award.

Jimmy Page later said about the event (and James Brown, who died shortly thereafter):

“Led Zeppelin had been inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame, to which there was an award ceremony including James Brown, and the group were invited to attend. I attended the event, as did members of the Bonham family, but the other two Zeppelin members had declined. I had met James Brown on a number of occasions and his appearance seemed no different to any time before; fit, sharp and bright, but this was to be the last time – he was to die on Christmas day that year. It was a shock having seen him so fit on this occasion. He was truly one of the giants of black music.”


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