Led Zeppelin History – Feb 1

This one may have too tenuous a connection to be called “Zeppelin History”, but you decide…

Today in 1970 Screaming Lord Sutch released the single “Cause I Love You” / “Thumping Beat”. Sutch was an English musician and politician. His 1970 debut album, Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends, featured an all-star line-up with contributions from Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page (who also produced the album) and John Bonham, Jeff Beck, keyboardist Nicky Hopkins, session guitarist Deniel Edwards and bass-player Noel Redding.

Jimmy Page: “Both Bonzo and I had played on those. It had been recorded in a studio in LA along with some other numbers that made up the album Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends. I played backbone riffs to the songs but I don’t believe I played all the lead guitar as credited”.

The album wasn’t received very well. A reviewer in Rolling Stone called Sutch “absolutely terrible” and lamented that the celebrated musicians involved were made to sound “like a fouled parody of themselves”. The album was also named in a 1998 BBC poll as the worst album of all time. Cool car on the cover though…



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