Led Zeppelin History – Feb 27

Today in 1977 Led Zeppelin’s 11th U.S. tour was scheduled to commence in Ft. Worth, TX, but Robert Plant had come down with laryngitis and the tour start was postponed for a month. It began on April 1 in Dallas instead.

Official Swan Song Press Release:

All the Led Zeppelin concerts postponed due to the illness of lead singer Robert Plant have been rescheduled. The Baton Rouge concert is now set for May 19th. The Houston concert has been rescheduled for May 21. Led Zeppelin will now play Ft. Worth on May 22 and Tempe, Arizona on July 20.

This tour will commence on April 1, followed by the new Oklahoma City date on April 3rd. Due to the priority of rescheduling the already sold-out shows in the Southwestern United States, several dates have been rearranged. The concert in Atlanta originally set for May 21 will now be April 23. The May 23 Greensboro, North Carolina show has been reset for May 31st. The concert in Birmingham, Alabama has been changed from May 20 to May 18th.

The shows in Toronto and Montreal (originally set for April 1, 3-4, respectively) and the Dayton, Ohio date (originally April 22) will be rescheduled later in the tour.


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