Led Zeppelin History – March 8

Today in 1975 a planned Led Zeppelin concert at the Palm Beach International Raceway in FL was cancelled, following the promoter’s failure to make prior property improvements to the venue. The concert was never re-scheduled, but the tickets had already been printed…
Swan Song Official Press Release, 1975:

The members of Led Zeppelin, who returned today for the resumption of their 1975 American tour, expressed disappointment over the cancellation of the “Florida Rock” festival which the group had been scheduled to headline on March 8th.

“Florida Rock” was cancelled last week by David Rupp, owner of the West Palm Beach Speedway where the event was supposed to take place. Rupp gave as his reason for cancellation, the failure of the promoters, Connecticut Concerts Corporation, to begin the improvements on the property he considered necessary for a successful event. Primary among these was paving of parking space for the anticipated 60,000 cars the event was expected to have attracted.

Danny Goldberg, Vice-President of Swan Song, Led Zeppelin’s record company, commented following the cancellation: “The group and their manager Peter Grant are very disappointed that they will he unable to play Florida on this tour due to circumstances utterly beyond their control. I know that they have a very special feeling for Florida, due in part to the fact that the biggest concert they ever played was in Tampa, Florida at the Stadium there in 1973”. (The Tampa Stadium concert on May 5, 1973 in fact stands as the record for the largest paid attendance ever to see a musical act perform: 56,800.)

Following the cancellation of the West Palm Beach festival, a variety of ideas for other dates for Zeppelin to play in Florida were reported in the Florida press. It was reported that the Mayor’s office in Miami was attempting to make the Orange Bowl available for a proposed concert by Zeppelin, which would benefit the Pediatric Center in Florida. No firm proposal however was ever received by the band or record label. 

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