Led Zeppelin History – March 10

Today in 1969 the US branch of Atlantic Records released Led Zeppelin’s first single, “Good Times Bad Times” / “Communication Breakdown”, from their Led Zeppelin debut album.

“Good Times Bad Times” – The first track on the album, at 2:43 this is a perfectly compact overture to set the scene. John Bonham and John Paul Jones lay down a powerful rhythm section, then Jimmy Page works magic with his Telecaster and a Leslie speaker. [This track was at one time considered worthy of release as a single in the UK, but manager Peter Grant squashed the idea (Zeppelin would release NO singles in their home country)].

“Communication Breakdown” – Taken at breakneck speed, this is pure rock-and-roll built around hammering guitar; a brilliant example of Page’s ability to create a whole song around a repeated guitar riff. It’s become one of the true all-time greats of the Zeppelin catalog.


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