Led Zeppelin History – April 2

Today in 1975 the US branch of Swan Song Records released the Led Zeppelin single “Trampled Under Foot” / “Black Country Woman”, from their Physical Graffiti album. This was the eighth of only ten singles ever released by Zeppelin’s label in the US.

Trampled Under Foot – This shocked a lot of fans, as Zeppelin had never done anything like this before; it seems they just threw caution to the wind and rocked out. The lyrics are based on Robert Johnson’s 1936 “Terraplane Blues”, at least in the sense that they use the vocabulary of motor cars as a sexual metaphor. Special promotional UK singles of this track were pressed to help promote Zeppelin’s May 1975 Earl’s Court concerts.

Black Country WomanAlways on the lookout for unusual recording locations, Zep recorded this acoustic country-style number in the back garden of Mick Jagger’s home (Stargroves). The take was nearly shelved when a plane flew overhead, but Plant tells the engineer to leave it in (the exchange can be heard at the beginning of the song).


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