Led Zeppelin History – April 9

Today in 1977 a Led Zeppelin concert at Chicago Stadium was cancelled after only an hour, due to Jimmy Page having “food poisoning”.

Setlist: The Song Remains The Same, The Rover (intro), Sick Again, Nobody’s Fault But Mine, Since I’ve Been Loving You, No Quarter, Ten Years Gone.

An eyewitness in the front row said something wasn’t quite right: “Page was sounding a little sloppy. He swayed back and forth a little too much as he played. During No Quarter, he dropped his pick in the dry ice fog, and started fanning his hand back and forth in the fog, trying to find it. An exercise in futility. Something was definitely not right with him”. 

“The official explanation given was food poisoning, but it seemed to me that maybe, just maybe, the cause may have been the result of ingesting something a little more ‘recreational’. I’m pretty sure I saw him smile a time or two”.

“The show came to an abrupt end shortly thereafter, and we were told to hold our ticket stubs, and the show would be re-scheduled. Long story short, just before the re-scheduled show, Plant’s oldest son Karac died, so again, we were told to hold our stubs and it would be re-scheduled again. And then, just before the second re-scheduled show (now over a year since the original) Bonzo died. This time we were told we could return our stubs and get our 10 bucks back. But I kept mine, as did a lot of other people I suspect”.


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