Led Zeppelin History – April 27

Today in 1980 Zeppelin commenced rehearsals at the Rainbow Theater in London, to begin selecting the live set for their upcoming 1980 summer European tour. The tour would turn out to be not only their last European tour, but their last tour ever.

Jimmy Page and band manager Peter Grant had already discussed the nature of the proposed tour. Grant recalls, “We decided to forget the 320 lamps setup and go back to 120 lamps; a back-to-basics sort of thing”. In that spirit, Page took the others right back to the very beginnings of the band by getting them to rehearse Train Kept A Rollin’, the very first number that Zeppelin had ever rehearsed. It would become the opening number for much of the upcoming European tour, emphasizing their determination to scale back and reclaim their own blues-rock roots. Even the standard Moby Dick was dropped from the set list, as was the standard acoustic set.



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