Led Zeppelin History – May 13

Today in 1969 Led Zeppelin became the first major British rock group to appear in Hawaii, when they played at the Civic Auditorium in Honolulu. The review stated: “The showmanship exceeded any rock performance here to date. I wondered before the concert if Led Zeppelin could sound as good as their Atlantic album – they sounded better”.

From a fan who was there: “The Civic Auditorium was the sort of place where they’d have roller derby or pro wrestling, so that gives you some idea of what kind of house it was. There was no reserved seating and the main floor was wide open. Get there early and get inside and you could find a good spot in front of the stage. I’ll never forget Zep’s set up: they were using Marshall heads with green Rickenbacker speaker cabinets; a truly bizarre sight but the sound was great. The chemistry in the band was spectacular and their sound was the biggest thing I’d ever heard next to Hendrix. I’ll never forget the sight of Jimmy Page sitting just a few feet away from me, playing White Summer on his Danelectro guitar”.


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