Led Zeppelin History – June 19

Today in 1969 Zeppelin performed “Communication Breakdown” and “Dazed and Confused” in a Paris studio for the French TV show Tous En Scene. This performance can be found on the 2003 2-DVD set titled Led Zeppelin, and here is a YouTube link to it:

It begins with a backstage shot of the band getting ready to go on, doing well to battle against an ailing monitor system. But the French variety show was a bizarre out-of-place setting for a group like Zeppelin, as evidenced by the straight-laced, middle-aged crowd looking bored (in the audience you can see a kid with his fingers in his ears).

Zeppelin always disliked performing on TV, and hated the quality of the audio-video presentation that TV provided. According to Plant, no matter how well they performed, they were always at the mercy of the in-house studio engineers, most of whom had no idea how to record a live band. Indeed, after this French TV appearance, they did no more TV ever; they’d be seen live on stage or not at all from this point on.


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