Fake Zeppelin Posters

Let’s talk fake Zeppelin posters. These mock posters advertising famous and marketable 1960s and 1970s music artists are actually 1980s fabrications. These “rainbow” style posters are usually about 14×22 inches in size and printed on heavy card stock. They are often advertised as and mistaken for authentic concert ads or reproductions of authentic concert ads. Neither is the case.

Point of clarification: The term “reproduction” insinuates that there exists an original somewhere that copies are being made from (i.e., reproduced). This is not the case here; these posters are complete fabrications, commonly featuring nonexistent show dates and anachronistic images. In addition, real concert posters from the 1960s and 1970s didn’t have the event years printed on them; they were not printed far enough in advance that it was necessary to give the year.

That said, don’t be fooled by these fabrications. If you’re considering buying a Led Zeppelin poster, do your research on it first. Five of the most common Zeppelin-related fake posters are shown below:

WinterlandWinterland. Why this is fake:

  1. Zeppelin did play the Winterland Ballroom on this date, but in 1969, not 1968. They were not even in this country yet in November 1968.
  2. The photo is from their 1977 tour.


Fillmore West. Why this is fake:

  1. “Rock and Roll” was not written until 1971.
  2. “The Song Remains the Same” was not written until 1973.
  3. The photo is from a 1976 photo shoot.


Riverport Amphitheatre. Why this is fake:

  1. Led Zeppelin did not tour in 1974.
  2. Led Zeppelin never shared a bill or stage with Skynyrd.
  3. The Riverport Amphitheatre is in Missouri, and Skynyrd was in Indianapolis on the date shown.

Central ParkCentral Park. Why this is fake:

  1. Led Zeppelin did not tour in 1974, and never played in Central Park.
  2. Led Zeppelin never shared a bill or stage with any of the bands listed.
  3. None of the bands listed ever played on this date or location (Skynyrd didn’t tour at all in August 1974). 

With Bob Dylan. This would indeed have been a dream concert, if it were real. Why it’s fake:

  1. While Dylan did tour in 1966, he never played the Centrum or on that date.
  2. Neither Led Zeppelin nor Fleetwood Mac existed yet in 1966.
  3. Neither Clapton nor Hendrix were solo performers yet in 1966.