Led Zeppelin Sale

I’m a Led Zeppelin collector and historian, and I’ve been collecting Led Zeppelin memorabilia since 1983. But it’s time to thin out the collection, so I’m selling some of it.

Things for sale include original Song Remains The Same movie-related items (ads, poster, 35mm film trailer); original 1970s posters, t-shirts and belt buckles; original trade magazines, album ads, record charts, articles, and clippings; original CDs and LPs; original concert ads, ticket stubs, pins, and hats; and framed gold-record artwork. Some details and representative photos are below.

This is just a representative listing; there are many more items. Please email me at GotLed@dslextreme.com if you are interested in anything or if you want to know what else I have available, and I’ll send you more photos and details.

1. 1969 original cardboard handbill (4.5×7 inches) for Zep’s shows at the Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco. Image on handbill is by renowned rock artist Randy Tuten. Near-mint. $12012. 1969 (August 1) poster for Zeppelin / Jethro Tull concert in Santa Barbara, CA. (Notice “Zeppelin” is misspelled; they were all this way). This version is a 1971 promoter-authorized reprint. Measures 17×22¾ inches. Near-mint. $1502

3. 1973 original Kezar Stadium (Golden Gate Park, San Francisco) concert poster. Measures 17×23 inches. Signed at bottom in sliver paint pen by the designer, artist Randy Tuten. Mint condition. $5003

4. 1976 original 35mm film theater movie trailer for Song Remains the Same, approx. 3.5 minutes long, in stereo. Film has been inspected by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences film preservation staff and deemed to be in very good condition. $3004

6. 1976 Song Remains the Same pressbook and two magazine ads. First ad (8.5×10.75 inches) is from a French magazine and for a Weds, Feb. 2, 1977 screening of the film. Second ad (10×13 inches) is from Billboard magazine and advertises the album. Pressbook (9.5×14 inches) is eight pages and contains the film promotion language to use, the film announcement, the trailer accompaniment language, various sizes of print ads, stills, an image of the one-sheet poster, and credits-cast-billing info. Ads are in near-mint condition, pressbook is in very good condition. $100 for set.6

7. Two original 1977 Led Zeppelin belt buckles. Both in very good condition. $60 each.7

8. 1977 original 3-inch pin button from canceled Aug. 6 show at Buffalo Rich Stadium, NY. Show canceled due to death of Robert Plant’s son in July of that year. Near-mint. $508

9. 1978 original maroon Led Zeppelin v-neck t-shirt, never worn or washed. Size XL (XLs were smaller in the 70s; this fits like a Large today). 50-50 cotton-polyester. Mint. $3009

10. 1979 original Knebworth concert t-shirt, black, size XL. 100% cotton. Used but in near-mint condition. $20010

11. 1979 Knebworth t-shirt (2003 reprint), light tan in color, size Large. Used but in near-mint condition. $3011

12. 1979 vintage boardwalk game prize from Asbury Park, NJ. Glass-and-colored-foil image in wooden frame, 13×15 inches. Very good condition. $5012

13. 1979 Knebworth Park concert unused poster design, printed in 1999, signed and numbered (586/1000) by the concert promoter, Freddy Bannister. Measures 20×30 inches. Mint condition. $10013

14. Collection of eight patches, all brand new. The five that appear to be black and white in the photo are actually black and silver. The largest patch (Swan Song logo) measures 3.5×4.75 inches. All in mint condition. $20 for set.14

15. 1980 (November 10) unused concert ticket from cancelled Chicago Stadium show, in matted limited-edition (284/2000) display by Metro Pulse, Inc. Display created in 2000 for 20th anniversary of the death of John Bonham. Mint. $10015

16. 1980 white painter-style cap made for vendors in concert venues to wear during Zeppelin’s “The Eighties, Part One” tour campaign, which was announced by band manager Peter Grant on Sept. 11, 1980. The tour was canceled after drummer John Bonham died on Sept. 25 of that year, and the caps were never used. Mint condition. Three available. $100 each16

17. Set of 4 UK fan club posters from the late 1980s. Measure 16×24 inches each. Mint condition. $100 for set.17

18. 1991 “Stairway to Heaven” 20th Anniversary Commemorative Edition. A promotional-only package (not available to the public) containing a 7-inch and a CD single of “Stairway.” Comes in a gatefold package with a pop-up blimp in the inside. Near-mint condition. $10018

19. 1992 CD single with “Immigrant Song” and “Hey Hey What Can I Do”. Still sealed. $1019

20. 1997 BBC Sessions 4-LP (180-gram vinyl) box set by Classic Records, still sealed, $150; and 2016 The Complete BBC Sessions 5-LP (180-gram vinyl) box set by Atlantic Records, still sealed, $15020

21. 2003 full set (all 10 albums) of Japanese min-LP replica CDs. These are the Japanese remastered CD versions in packaging that is exact replicas of the original vinyl issues (III has the spinning wheel, Houses has the paper band, etc.). Each comes with a full-size lyric insert, with lyrics in both English and Japanese. All in near-mint condition. $150.21

22. 2014 Led Zeppelin IV Best Buy-only promotional box set. Contains the 2-CD remastered version of the album and a size XL t-shirt. Shirt is black with “Led Zeppelin” in red and the 4 album symbols in white on the front. Still sealed. $5022

23. Robert Plant 4-CD collection. Contains The Principle of Moments, Now and Zen, The Honeydrippers, and Mighty Rearranger. All in near-mint condition. $25 for set.23

24. Framed Led Zeppelin II gold album art piece. The record label is from the German pressing of the album, and there is a reproduction of a May 10, 1973 Zeppelin concert ticket from Tuscaloosa, AL mounted below the record. Wooden frame with a glass cover, 16×20 inches. Made in 2006 by SunBurst Creations in Laguna Beach, CA. Near-mint condition. $8024