Led Zeppelin History – June 6

Today in 1972 Led Zeppelin began their eighth North American tour, in Detroit. Two concerts, in Los Angeles and Long Beach, would be professionally recorded and  officially released on Zeppelin’s 2003 CD How the West Was Won.


Led Zeppelin History – May 22

Today in 1977 Zeppelin played the Tarrant County Convention Center in Ft. Worth. Bad Company’s Mick Ralphs joined Jimmy Page onstage as second guitar for the encore, where they played a cover of the 1957 Jerry Lee Lewis song “It’ll Be Me.” A great guitar-driven rendition.

Zeppelin version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llyNhofvjZs
Lewis version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfgu2XBmqOo

Led Zeppelin History – May 20

Today in 1969 Zeppelin started a 3-day recording and mixing session at A&R Studios in New York. The session included the recording of “Heartbreaker” and various other parts of new tracks for Led Zeppelin II. Supposedly the band was under pressure to finish the album in time for an autumn release (it was released on Oct. 22, 1969).

Also today, in 1985, Robert Plant’s third solo album, Shaken ‘n’ Stirred, was released. The album is rather lackluster, but features Plant’s second Mainstream Rock Tracks chart hit, “Little by Little,” which stayed at #1 for two weeks. The album itself reached #20 on the Billboard 200.